Adopt-A-Senior and Junior High pen pal programs wrap up.

The end of the school year for FFA members is a time to wrap up the Adopt-a-Senior Program. On May 22, 25 FFA members went to the Sleepy Eye Care Center and Countryside to meet up with residents and play bingo together.

FFA members participated in this program throughout the school year by making cards each month for 62 "senior" residents in the community. The residents involved in the program live at the Sleepy Eye Care Center, Countryside Retirement Community, and Divine Providence Community Home.

The purpose of the project is to help members connect with a different generation and learn to appreciate the relationships they can make. FFA teaches students to reach out and give more of themselves to the community—especially by being involved in programs like Adopt-A-Senior.

The bingo party was a great time and it was fun to get to know people and hear their stories. All the members who attended left with smiles on their faces.

Another year of the Junior High Pen Pal Program also recently wrapped up. Through this program, Sleepy Eye junior high FFA members become pen pals with FFA members from Mountain Lake.

This year, 36 seventh and eighth grade Sleepy Eye FFA members took advantage of this opportunity. Each wrote to their pen pal from the Mountain Lake FFA Chapter. Students in this program were able to connect with other FFA members their age and create new friendships along the way.

On May 8, these members traveled to Mountain Lake to meet the pen pals they had been writing to over the year. They played icebreaker games with their pen pals to get to know each other and then ate pizza. They also played various leadership games and enjoyed participating in other activities. Finally, before leaving, they took pictures together and said their goodbyes. The Junior High Pen Pal Program is a fantastic way to meet new FFA friends and further explore FFA.