Editor's column

A couple weeks ago I saw a Facebook post from a Sleepy Eye person asking for a referral for some kind of business or service. I can’t remember exactly what it was right now, but I do remember that it was for a type of business we have right here in Sleepy Eye. The person who posted the question fit the demographic of a young family person. The kind who cares about the future of our community for their children.

It kind of made me think about all the recent “downtown” enthusiasm.

It kind of made me wonder how people who want Sleepy Eye to be a hip, happening place, think our downtown area and our local businesses will thrive if they keep looking for some better deal in other towns.

I shop out of town. You have to admit there is a dearth of women’s clothes for sale in Sleepy Eye. Sometimes I like to wonder through stores in other towns and see what they have. Sometimes I do buy something.

But for the most part, I shop at local stores and give my business to local health care providers and other service businesses. I feel I receive a very fair value, with excellent service, right here in Sleepy Eye. I suppose there are price differences — up or down — for many goods and services. It also costs money and time (also of value to me) to drive out of town to purchase things I can find in town.

If a new cute shop or restaurant opens in downtown Sleepy Eye, it won’t matter how beautiful it looks on Main Street if people don’t patronize it. The same goes for the many good businesses we already have. They need our business so they can thrive and make improvements. And, when they do spruce up, we can thank them with our business.

We all need to work together in the effort to make Sleepy Eye a great little town, with a fun downtown, and interesting things to do. “Someone” else can’t do it alone.

Please support our local businesses. Keep in mind they are the ones who support local organizations, sports teams and local charitable causes.

We have good jobs, good schools, good parks and wonderful people—everything we need to make Sleepy Eye a great little town. Supporting our good businesses will also helps make Sleepy Eye a great little town.