I cannot stand the Golden State Warriors, no matter what anybody thinks.

Are there any fans in sports that are worse than Golden State Warrior bandwagon fans? I could divert to Packer fans, Yankees fans, but I can actually stand them, we can tolerate them to an extent. However, Warriors fans are just obnoxious. Similar in the way Patriots fans are. I will explain.

First off, the notion that Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James is absurd. LeBron is the best of all-time, if not on pace to be. And yes, that means better than MJ. I will save that topic for another day. Durant single handedly ruined his legacy by dipping OKC for Golden State. But...but, LeBron! LeBron left for Miami. Yes, he did, but he made them a contender. Durant left a team that had a 3-1 lead and blew it and then when LeBron did LeBron things in the 2016 Finals, the Warriors cried and cried to get Durant to join their 73-win team. Durant is also the most sensitive player in the entire NBA. Making fake Twitter burner accounts to defend himself. Add into the fact that as of this writing, the Warriors are 5-0 in the playoffs without Durant after going 5-1 in the playoffs with him last season and in the past few seasons the Warriors are 30-1 without him on the floor. Strengthening the notion that he took the easy way out to a few rings.

Warrior fans are brainwashed in their fanhood of Steph Curry. You talk to some Warrior fans and you’d think he is the second coming of Jesus. While I liked Steph when he was younger, his ego blew up and he is just cocky, shoulder shimmying on three-pointers and such. They say he is humble, when his body language shows anything but that. In his interviews he is pretty genuine, but the way he carries himself on the court is pathetic. That and throwing mouth guards at referees has been documented by the NBA on multiple occassions. Exactly what we want our kids to look up too, right? They say he doesn’t need Durant because he won a title before Durant. Well, yes, true. However, that was against the Cavs without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Take away two stars from a team in the Finals and that team likely loses anyways. In the LeBron vs. Curry category in their Finals matchups, LeBron has 169 more points, 124 more rebounds, and 67 more assists. Please, spare me.

Steph is a great player, do not get me wrong. The problem is how well constructed his team is and then factor in Durant into the equation. He doesn’t need to be at his best at all times for his team to win, which as a LeBron truther is so annoying. Steph struggled mightily earlier this postseason but got a free pass because of the team around him. LeBron never had that luxury, carrying a bunch of bums to the Finals every year. Steph also has the luxury of a magic horseshoe in his corner. 2015 he faced the Cavs without Kyrie, Chris Paul injury in 2018, the Kawhi Leonard injury, getting carried by Durant in the finals, not to mention blowing the 3-1 lead in the Finals to LeBron in 2016. Warriors were 9-3 without Steph in the playoffs since 2016 and 5-1 in the playoffs without Steph since 2018, yet LeBron is slandered for shots made by Ray Allen and Kyrie. Hilarious. Yet, Andre Igoudala saves Steph Curry's legacy with tons of big shots. Or how LeBron drops 51 in game one last year and loses, and Curry shoots 6 of 17 and scores zero points in the fourth quarter, and wins. Magic horseshoe.

Here is to hoping Kawhi and the Raptors can upset the Warriors in the Finals this summer. Although I know better. After this rant I just know what is going to happen. Curry is magically going to win his first Finals MVP to match Paul Pierce’s total just to spite me.