We are so lucky to have a lake in Sleepy Eye!

If you have any doubt that Sleepy Eye Lake is a draw for visitors and residents alike, you would have been convinced otherwise with a brief drive by the lake on Sunday afternoon. The place rocked!

My husband and a daughter’s family spent a good part of the afternoon on the lake for their first water skiing outing of the summer. I attended St. Mary’s graduation (a lovely ceremony that I enjoyed very much) and then drove by the lake to see if I could get a photo of my grandchildren on the lake.

Wow! There was so much activity there that I just had to pull over and take a bunch of photos. We like to have photos available for use in future publications and advertisements, Sunday was the perfect day to get some. There were people fishing all along the Highway 4 shoreline and on the docks. There were boats of all kinds on the lake. The campground was so full that I didn’t even try to drive through—I’ll have to take some pictures there later this summer.

I took the camera home, changed into lake clothes, and went back to the lake so I could ride along and admire my family as they got right back into their skiing skills.

Sara’s entire family belongs to the Bayside Skiers in Albert Lea. They spend many summer evenings driving from their home near Good Thunder to Albert Lea to practice and put on Thursday night shows. We’re very proud of them and try to make the trip a couple times each summer.

On Sunday afternoon, my nine-year-old granddaughter, Kaya, finally got to try out her Christmas present—a junior size slalom ski. She had a great run and celebrated with a wild knee-board run later.

Her big sister, Natalie (a seventh grader) practiced a few tricks on her swivel ski. She’s not quite at the “swivel” phase yet—lessons coming soon—but did hook the rope on her foot, knee, and between legs. to practice various arm moves she and Sara do with their ski team ballet line.

Sara and Shawn both took their first slalom cuts of the season, throwing up some impressive spray.

My very intelligent first-born grandson, Kole, demonstrated the patience he’s acquired as an almost 16-year-old. He reasoned that he could wait his turn until the water warmed up a bit. He spent the afternoon catching some rays and enjoying the show.

If we (and by “we” I mean “we, the community”) could scratch up a bundle of money, we could bring the Bayside Skiers to Sleepy Eye Lake for a show! It isn’t cheap, because they have to haul several boats and all their props and equipment, but it would be awesome fun. I hope we can find a way to do it someday.