The City of Sleepy Eye has purchased two digital reading speed signs.

The City of Sleepy Eye has purchased two digital reading speed signs. The police department will be placing the signs around Sleepy Eye to help educate speed limits and reinforce safe driving behaviors. Our officers do stop a lot of drivers for speed violations. We have noticed an upswing of stopping non-Sleepy Eye drivers. Through enforcement efforts, most Sleepy Eye residents obey the speed limits and drive safely through town. Local enforcement efforts don’t work nearly as well for out-of-town travelers.

When we stop a resident, word spreads from the resident stopped to people that witnessed the stop, that the police are out looking for speeders. This helps create a safer driving community.

This has no bearing on travelers just passing through — they have no prior knowledge of police activity. Our hope is the digital speed signs can help fix this side of the problem. Giving immediate feedback to drivers about their speeds allows them to correct their unsafe behavior right away.

The Sleepy Eye Police Department has worked with the State of Minnesota Department of Transportation on the placement and deployment of these signs along the highways. We have to follow the policies of MnDOT to utilize these signs on state roads. There may be minor tweaks and changes coming as we adjust to their standards.

The signs will be moved every two months to different locations is town. The signs record all speeds from vehicles that pass by. This data can then be used to find problem areas and times, where extra enforcement is needed. The signs only show speeds up to a certain mile per hour, so anybody attempting to drive extremely fast and get visible confirmation of that speed is out of luck. The speed is still recorded by the sign, there just isn’t a visible reading of the speed given.

The signs all have GPS technology and they are basically cell phones that are always on. We know where the sign is located at all times due to the GPS and if a high speed is recorded, a text message will be sent to the police cell phone telling us of the speed and the direction of the speeder. If the sign is moved, we will receive a message of its location and movement. I plan on utilizing the signs throughout town at different times of the year. There are many locations that the signs can be used, so please be patient, it will take us a bit to get the signs to every location that they need to be.