Editor's column.

Can you stand it? More good news for our community after Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

If you have ever been to our food shelf you know how awful those stairs are. Not only is it a lot of work to carry a box of food up or down any stairs, those old stairs are kind of wonky, with a rounded edge and too smooth look. I always worry I will slip.

Extra volunteers were always needed when the food shelf was open to help people carry their boxes up those stairs. Volunteers who were not always easy to find.

But, what could they do? That space was provided for free by the city. No other affordable and accessible space could be found.

A couple months ago, Christina Andres, showed the food shelf folks a room at the back of the Community Center — the building where her Chamber office is located.

The room had been planned as a woodworking shop for people using the senior center. There are several pieces of woodworking equipment in the room. But, it was never really used by anyone. It is just a nice big room growing dusty. There is a separate outside entry door to the room and access to the garage — perfect for unloading food deliveries.

The council offered the space to the food shelf for an affordable rate of $250 per year, a little something to help with electricity, etc.

What a perfect solution!

The city plans to have the room cleaned out and ready by July 1.

Get ready to volunteer to help move the food shelf fixtures and food to the new location. Your help will be appreciated!