Update on EDA topics

The April EDA Board Meeting was the second quarterly extended meeting of the year. It began with an update on Little Sprouts Learning Center from Brad DeVos. Brad’s report included an overview on the Learning Center, their expense report for food/catering, supply purchases, and payroll. He also listed the enrollment and staffing information, and he shared that he was cautiously optimistic about Little Sprouts. They have gotten a better handle on their expenses with staffing and food, and they show a possible increase in enrollment in the next week. He said that they are far from being “out of the woods,” however they were showing some signs of moving in the right direction. We also discussed with Brad his continued consulting efforts, as well his timeline for being paid for his consulting services. Brad told the EDA Board that he had invoiced LSLC/EDA for his services yet, and will not do so until the end of June, so that LSLC has an ample opportunity to concentrate their resources on their core operations. The EDA Board then also discussed the structure of the two loan notes from the EDA, and the percentage of fund raising money that should be designated towards debt reduction and towards materials, supplies, and inventory for the center.

The Board then discussed the preliminary design plan for the property on the corner of Highways 4 and 14. The Board was given a design to consider as they continue to make final plans for the property, as well as determine the costs involved in the installation and completion of the property. I have applied for a couple of grants that would be designated for covering costs of the pocket park.

The Board continued their discussion on the cemetery property in Mitchell, South Dakota, obtained by the city as collateral on the loan to former Orchid Inn owner Al Schubbe. We will get some of the contact information that Mark has on file regarding people he has been in contact with in the past, which include the caretakers of the property and the bank that he has had contact with. We will determine if there are other possible groups that may have an interest in the property which could be contacted as we continue contemplation on the sale of the property.

We also spent some time discussing possible locations in the community that could be considered as we work with Herzog Property Management and Unique Opportunities LLC, on a housing project.

I gave an update on the efforts with Adalyn Properties LLC and Tommie Johnnie LLC with their building rehab work. I also shared some preliminary information on some activity that I am working on with the possible sale and rehab work on a couple more downtown properties. I hope to be able to give more information and details soon.

The EDA Board was given a copy of the asbestos inspection on the old Orchid Inn property and briefly discussed the results of the report. This inspection was done because there has been some interest from a couple of local individuals on the purchase of the property and they had questions on costs involved with demo and disposal of the structure.

Finally, I shared the information from Casey’s General Store on the old Casey’s Store property at 500 Main Street East that includes the asking price, and DEED restrictions information. I have begun to contact interested parties regarding this property. If there are any others with an interest in the property, please feel free to contact me and I will share the details that I have received from Casey’s Real Estate Representative.

I again would like to remind all of the readers that if they have any questions about any of the activities that the EDA is currently involved in, please feel free to call, email, or stop by my office. I am always glad to share information, if I can, and to offer factual information that involves our community.

794-5636 or eda@sleepyeye-mn.com