Students and business people met to evaluate the OJT program.

After two semesters of student placement in real job situations in Sleepy Eye businesses, the On the Job Training (OJT) program had a year-end evaluation meeting during lunch at the Railway on April 16. EDA Coordinator Kurk Kramer, who oversees the OJT program, said there were 23 junior or senior students, from St. Mary’s and Sleepy Eye High School, who participated at 13 local businesses this school year.

At the April 16 gathering, the students in attendance were shared their experiences and gave feedback on the program to Kramer and the other business people there.

The program for fall semester 2019 is already set, with students placed in businesses for 40 minute periods each school day. The students receive school credit for participation in OJT.

The purpose of the program is to expose students to real work situations and career opportunities available in Sleepy Eye. Kramer shared a sampling of student responses to the OJT program, which reflect the success in reaching those goals:

“I appreciated the feeling of having an ‘adult’ job. I felt like I was really working.”

I appreciated the life lessons I learned from this program.”

“I would have liked to have longer times to experience day to day work and get a more in depth experience.”

“I learned life skills, like being on time.”

“I like that it gives students the ability to explore potential career options.”

“It allows students to receive great advice about their future.”

“It allows you to make connections and get your foot in the door.”

“I learned about important ‘tools’ I will need in the future.”

“The help and advice I got from the company allowed me to figure out my future!”

“This was a great job experience and I liked the people I worked with.”

“The job got me up early and gave me a look in the ag business.”