Sam Hansen tendered his resignation as City Manager on Tuesday, April 16.
Hansen has accepted the position of Brown County Administrator.  He will remain as St. James City Manager until May 17.
Hanson had nothing but nice things to say about his time in St. James.  He started in December 2016.  One of his first major projects was the Highway 4 project.  The 15 million dollar project was a partnership between the city and the state.  In 2017, the city did the lake outlet infrastructure project.  Hanson remembered how the city showed great patience through the major construction that was going on during that project.
In 2018, the major project was the storm water retention project.  Other projects during Hansen’s time included the dog park, plaza, and Lewis Family Drug.  
Although he won’t be around to see it completed, it was Hansen’s work with the legislature that got St. James awarded three million dollars for the Weston project.  
Hansen said one of the best things about St. James was how welcoming everyone is.  He sees the diversity of the town as a main reason of this, as people have worked extra hard to be accepting of everyone.  It is something he will certainly miss about St. James.
Hansen also noted that it made his job so much easier to have such strong department heads in each ot the city’s departments.  They worked together on many things, and Hansen could always trust them to lead when they needed to.
With all of the things Hansen is going to miss about St. James, he is excited to expand his horizons with a new job.  He is excited to adjust to county government after serving in city government for the last few years.