The newly formed River Valley track and field team — made up of student athletes from Sleepy Eye, St. Mary’s, Cedar Mountain and Springfield high schools, has competed in three meets so far this spring.

The newly formed River Valley track and field team — made up of student athletes from Sleepy Eye, St. Mary’s, Cedar Mountain and Springfield high schools — competed in their first meet of the season on March 25 in the USC meet on the indoor track at MSU, Mankato.

USC meet

This meet was a late add-on to River Valley’s schedule, with good results many individuals. The other teams at the meet were MVL, GFW, and USC.

River Valley boys top finishers include:

55 and 200 meter dash, wheelchair division: James Hagen, first, 28.24 and 1:52.13

55m dash: Jose Ibarra, fifth, 7.54; Isaac Johnson, sixth, 7.64

200m dash: Tim Rathman, fifth tie, 27.84; Isaac Johnson, 27.84

400m dash: Jose Ibarra, first, 1:00.54

800m run: Dakotah Lumbar, fourth, 2:41 Joshua Hagen, second, 2:44

1600m run: Matthew Hillesheim, first, 5:36; Joshua Hagen, second, 5:45; Dakotah Lumbar, fifth, 6:17; Laurence Simonsen, sixth, 6:27

High jump: Jose Ibarra, fourth, 5-02.00

Shot put: Adrian Dena, first, 35-04.50

River Valley girls top finishers include:

200m dash: Sydney Hauger, second, 29.24; Megan Sandgren, fifth, 31.04

400m dash: Sydney Hauger, first, 1:05.54

800m run: Lilly McCone, second, 2:48; McKenna Dockter, fifth, 2:56

1600m run: Abby Hagen, first, 5:59; Brooke Hoffbeck, fourth, 6:34

55m hurdles: Sophia Portner, third, 10.84

High jump: Kira DeMaris, first, 4-06; Megan Sandgren. third, 4-02

Long jump: Lilly McCone, third, 12-09; Kora Wahl, forth, 11-00

Triple jump: Hali Soukup, third, 28-05; Violet Hovland, fifth, 24-07

Shot put: Kora Wahl, sixth, 26-08

On April 5 the team traveled to Mountain Lake for an outdoor meet.

Mountain Lake meet

River Valley competed against six other teams: Heron Lake-Okabena, Jackson County Central, Madelia, Mountain Lake, Wabasso, and Westbrook-Walnut Grove.

The River Valley boys finished in fifth place. Top finishers include:

100 and 200 meter dash, wheelchair division: James Hagen, first, 46.9 and 1:42.64

400m dash: Jose Ibarra, second, 56.36; Keygan Lund, eighth, 1:01.01

800m run: Noah Richert, second, 2:16.24

1600m run: Joshua Hagen, fifth, 5:36.06

3200m run: Joshua Hagen, fourth, 11:52.95 

4x200 Relay: team—Kadin Johnson, Kevin Montemayor, Curtis Tauer, and Jose Ibarra, fourth, 1:49.47

Long jump: Noah Richert, eighth, 16-07.00

The River Valley girls finished in fourth place. Top finishers include:

200m dash: Sydney Hauger, first, 28.58

400m dash: Sydney Hauger, first, 1:04.71

800m run: Lilly McCone, first, 2:37.96; Hailey Meinert, fourth, 2:52.53; Brooke Hoffbeck, fifth, 2:52.88; McKenna Dockter, seventh, 2:54.15

1600m run: Abby Hagen, second, 5:47.91; Brooke Hoffbeck, third, 6:29.79; Annika Nosbush, seventh, 7:25.43

3200m run: Kaitlyn Lorang, sixth, 16:11.40

300m hurdles: Sophie Gustafson, second, 54.03

4x800 Relay: team—Miah Brown, Annika Nosbush, Hailey Meinert, and Abby Hagen, fourth, 11:40.22

Long jump: Courtney Wendt, seventh, 13-01.00

Triple jump: Hali Soukup, fourth, 28-11.00

Maple River meet

On Monday, April 8 the track team competed indoors at MSU, Mankato in a meet hosted by Maple River. The other teams in the meet were Hutchinson, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton, Mankato Loyola/Cleveland, Maple River, New Richland-H-E-G, and St. Clair/Immanuel Lutheran.

Boys top finishers:

55m and 200 meter dash, wheelchair division: James Hagen, first, 26.72 and 1:30; shot put, first, 6-11.50

55m dash, Kadin Johnson, seventh, 7.38

400m dash: Jose Ibarra, fifth, 58.13

800m run: Noah Richert, fourth, 2:18.25

4x400 Relay: team—Kadin Johnson, Isaac Johnson, Noah Richert, and Jose Ibarra, fourth, 4:07.02

Long jump: Noah Richert, sixth, 15-06.75

Girls top finishers:

400m dash: Sydney Hauger, first, 1:06.03; Hailey Meinart, third, 1:10.25; Sophia Portner, seventh, 1:13.88

800m run: Lilly McCone, third, 2:37.35; Kira DeMaris, sixth, 2:50.80

1600m run: Abby Hagen, third, 5:51; Brooke Hoffbeck, seventh, 6:24

55m hurdles: Sophie Gustafson, seventh, 10.83

4x400 Relay team—Sydney Hauger, Lilly McCone, Sophie Gustafson, and Abby Hagen, second, 4:35.78

4x800 Relay: team—Abby Hagen, Hailey Meinert, Brooke Hoffbeck, and Lilly McCone, first, 11:01

Coach Courtney Mickelson said overall the Maple River meet was great. “We had athletes PR (personal record) and reach their goals, which is difficult to do in an indoor meet,” she said. “Next week we have a home meet on Monday—come support these athletes that have been working so hard!”

River Valley’s first home meet is Monday, April 15 in Sleepy Eye. The team travels to Lake Crystal on April 16. Both meets will depend on field and track conditions.