Editor's column

Happy spring!

It is very nice to be able to say that and not have a snowstorm in the forecast.

It is also nice to see a lot of the snow melting away. We have a pretty high snow pile/drift in our front yard, mainly from the snowblower clearing the driveway. Regardless, it is a lot of snow. I don’t expect it be entirely gone for quite some time. But this morning, I noticed that just a few feet away from that pile there is actually a patch of yard visible! Progress. A vision of my yard.

My happiness about finally getting a glimpse of spring is tempered by the terrible flooding happening in other areas. It is hard to imagine what it would be like to have your home and businesses completely flooded.

Our neighboring towns on rivers have flood worries that we in Sleepy Eye don’t face. I hope the next days and weeks don’t bring major floods to them.

I had a great visit with Mark Kober the other day. I don’t know what I expected our conversation to include, but as you can tell, Mark mostly wanted to talk about the larger city projects that have happened the past 18 years.

I don’t know if I made it clear in the article, but he wasn’t talking about those projects because he felt they were his accomplishments. No, he made it clear that he feels those projects are accomplishments of the entire town. Accomplishments of the city councilors, other city employees, and citizens who serve on committees. He wanted to talk about them because he really enjoyed working on those projects, from the first ideas to the finished project, which for most big projects span a couple years or even more.

I wish Mark well in retirement and am glad he and Tami will stay in Sleepy Eye. He is ready to retire, but also willing to help when he can. After all, Sleepy Eye is their home and they want to see it continue to prosper.

Thank you Mark.