At work here for only about a month, City Manager Kelli Truver already has a positive vision of Sleepy Eye and her position here.

At work here for only about a month, City Manager Kelli Truver already has a positive vision of Sleepy Eye and her position here.

“It’s a dream job, with great people to work with,” said Truver. “And everyone I’ve met is friendly and welcoming.”

Truver and retiring City Manager Mark Kober have worked together since Feb. 11. Truver’s appointment as city manager was official as of March 1. Kober will continue to work with her until his official retirement at the end of March. Both Kober and Truver said he will also be available in the future for consultation on major projects as Truver becomes familiar with them.

Truver’s education, volunteer experiences, and earlier jobs, all intertwined to bring her to Sleepy Eye as City Manager. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting. Through earlier volunteer experiences, and a position with a non-profit youth organization while earning a master’s degree in global management, Truver said she came to a realization.

“I realized that was my passion — working to help communities,” Truver said. “Because of the courses I’d taken, I needed only a few more to add public administration to my master’s degree.” Truver also earned a PhD in public administration in 2017.

Truver came to Sleepy Eye from Kingman, Ariz., where she was Manager of Volunteer Services for a non-profit community owned regional hospital. She said after re-organizing the program there, she was ready for a new position that more appropriately utilized her skills and education.

The depth of Truver’s research on Sleepy Eye was impressive to city officials and community members who met her during the interview and hiring process. That research also convinced Truver she was on the right path in seeking the position.

“I was impressed with everything I learned about the community,” Truver said. “I was especially impressed with the schools, the fun community events I read about, and of course, city development efforts.”

This first month on the job has been busy and informative for Truver.

“I’ve been working with Mark to get up to speed on city projects, and he’s also been introducing me to people around town — business people and school administrators,” Truver said. “I’m getting familiar with the day-to- day work of city staff [a process hampered by all the snow, she admits] and want to learn what I can do to help them be even more successful.”

Truver, and her husband Chaz, have two young children. George Alfred is five and in preschool at public school. He’s excited to be in kindergarten next year. Olive, who just turned three, is disappointed that she is not in preschool yet, but she will be next year.

Chaz Truver worked as a police officer in Arizona and is pursuing a career change. He’s currently in charge of getting the family settled in Sleepy Eye, doing projects in their home and caring for the kids. While they claim to be handling the snow okay, Chaz and Kelli do look forward to nicer weather so their family can enjoy time outdoors, exploring Sleepy Eye.