Seven St. Mary’s students competed at Regional Science Fair and all earned advancement to state competition.

Seven St. Mary’s students competed at the Southern Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Minnesota State University, Mankato on Feb. 16, and all seven earned advancement to state competition.

“I am very proud of these Science Fair students,” said St. Mary’s science teacher Patti Braulick. “They have been very receptive to my suggestions and are willing to work hard and challenge themselves to achieve the quality projects they have. Their successes are due to the excitement they bring to their projects and their desire to continue to learn. I am anxious to see how they do as they compete at the Minnesota State Science Fair, March 30 and 31 in Brooklyn Center.”

At the regional science fair, seventh graders Brayden Suess and Yuvraj Sidhu both earned Blue Ribbons, which signify a superior project presentation.

Brayden competed in the Physics and Astronomy category with his project, “The Effects of Voltage on the RPMs of an Electric Motor.” Yuvraj competed in the Material Science category with his project, “How will Materials Around a WiFi Router Affect the Signal?”

Eighth grader Kaden Ryer also earned a Blue Ribbon and received the United States Air Force Award for an outstanding project. Kaden competed in the Engineering Mechanics category with his project, “Does the Shape of and Aircraft Wing Affect Lift?”

Eighth grader Annika Nosbush received a Purple Ribbon, signifying a top scoring presentation, and the Broadcam Masters Award in recognition of outstanding performance at a Society for Science and the public affiliated Science Fair in 2019 and as a top Science Fair project in the nation. Annika competed in the Biomedical and Health category with her project, “The Effects of the Type of Milk on Cheese Properties.”

Eighth grader Elizabeth Schwint also received a Purple Ribbon and the Broadcam Master Award. She earned several more awards: Tru Shrimp Award plus $50 for exemplary performance; Association for Women Geoscientists Award; The Janice Guldan Alternative Agriculture and Sustainability Award; Thin Film Research Achievement Honorable Mention Award for an exceptional project; AgStar Award and medallion for the best project relating to agriculture or the environment; NOAA’s 2019 Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award for research that demonstrated the Principles and Technical Innovations that offer the greatest potential for an improved understanding of Earth’s dynamic processes; and the CSET Photography Award for an outstanding project. Elizabeth competed in the Environmental Engineering category with her project, “Does Precipitation Timing Affect Nitrate Migration Through Soil?”

Ninth grader Sophie Kyllonen received a Purple Ribbon; the Naval Science Award plus $50 in the Senior Division (grades 9-12) for an outstanding project; andthe Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award for an outstanding project in computer science, grades 9-12. Sophie competed in the Engineering Mechanics category with her project, “How Gear Ratios Affect Required Power to Lift.”

Ninth grader Natalie Marti received a Purple Ribbon; and the American Chemical Society Award, which exemplifies good experimental work by the student, with replicate data and the proper usage of statistical method. Natalie received the GENIUS Olympiad Award, which included nomination to the GENIUS Olympiad in Oswego, N. Y. in June. (An honor, but she doesn’t plan to attend.) Natalie competed in the Biomedical and Health category with her project, “Does the Type of Flour Affect the Amount of Gluten Protein and Elasticity?”