I got the grand tour of the lake on Sunday!

I’ve gone out to the fishing derby to take pictures for several years now. Sometimes it is way too cold, sometimes it is way too slippery, and sometimes it is just right. Sunday it was just right.

Not too cold, not too slippery, and another big success for the Sleepy Eye Sportsmen’s Club.

This year, when I was talking with Lynn Krenz (who I know would not want to be called chairman, but is my go-to guy for the event) he offered to take me for a ride to see all the fish houses on the lake. We hopped into the heated utility vehicle that Kibble Equipment provided for the club’s use on Sunday and away we went.

Since I have not ventured all over the lake in previous years, I just have to believe Lynn’s contention that there were more houses out there than they’ve ever seen. His wife Joyce told me the same thing Monday morning. I will say that there were houses from one end of the lake to the other. With the foggy conditions I couldn’t get a picture that did the scene justice — you’ll just have to believe me, and Lynn and Joyce, and all the other Sportsmen’s Club members who told me what a great day they were having.

I’m glad we had that short window of nice weather so all the fisherpeople could enjoy their day.

I have a weather related confession to make. Saturday afternoon when I went out to capture a picture of the temperature on a bank thermometer, I stopped by First Security Bank first. Their thermometer said 37 degrees. I wasn’t really satisfied, so I drove over to Americana Community Bank. Voila! 40 degrees!

Last Thursday morning when I arrived at work, I glanced at the bank. I think it said 23 below. I was too cold to go back out and take a picture. I don’t want to see that again anyway.

If it isn’t the cold, it must be the snow. It looks like we still have plenty of winter to endure. Stay warm and pay attention to all road condition warnings.