City Council held a public hearing on 2020 Street and Utility Project.

The Sleepy Eye City Council held a special meeting the evening of Jan. 24 for a public hearing on the 2020 Street and Utility project. The meeting was held at the Event Center due to the number of people expected to attend. It appeared that 60 to 80 residents came to learn about the work being planned for their streets.

Dave Palm, Bolton and Menk engineer who works with the City of Sleepy Eye, gave the presentation on the project. Improvements are planned on various streets, with much of the work in the south part of Sleepy Eye. Palm explained which streets will undergo complete reconstruction of utilities and street surfaces, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and driveway approaches. Other streets will have surface reconstruction and some will receive mill and overlay surfacing. Spot curb and gutter repair will be done as needed on the streets slated for resurfacing only.

The concrete work (curb and gutter, etc.) is assessed to the property owners after completion of the project.

Palm said neighborhood construction meetings are held about a week before work begins to inform residents of what to expect during work on their street.

There were a couple questions about sidewalks and trees. Palm acknowledged that some trees along the streets that will undergo complete reconstruction may need to be removed.

The City Council passed a motion to have Bolton and Menk prepare the plans and specifications for the project.

Palm presented a timeline for the project which called for the plans and specs to be ready for council approval in early 2020. After that the project will be bid, with work to begin in April of 2020.

Work done during the 2020 construction season will include utilities, grade, gravel and concrete, and the first lift of bituminous surfacing. The second lift of bituminous surfacing will be done in 2021.

In November of 2021 the city will conduct the final assessment hearing. City Manger Mark Kober explained that property owners will then have 30 days to pay their assessment in full, or choose to have it certified to their property taxes to be paid over a 10-year period. They could also pay part of the assessment and put the remainder on their taxes.