The Herald-Dispatch will arrive a day late this week.

I’m sorry, that title isn’t original and isn’t funny. Of course it is cold enough for all of us. It’s so dangerously cold we decided that you would just have to wait a day to receive your newspaper.

The Herald-Dispatch is printed on Wednesday mornings at House of Print in Madelia. Our driver, Roman Landkammer, picks up the finished newspapers and brings them back to the post office and newsstands at several businesses. On Tuesday afternoon, our publisher, Lisa Drafall, made the correct decision that the weather conditions on Wednesday would be too dangerous to risk having Roman, and the drivers for our sister papers in St. James and Redwood Falls, out on the road to Madelia and back. “Wait until Thursday to pick those up,” Lisa said.

So, thanks for understanding why your news arrived a day late. And, if you tried to call us on Wednesday, thanks for understanding that Lisa told us to close the office, too.

How about all those school closings? I don’t remember a time when schools decided in advance to be closed for two days. I do think they made the right decision. I wouldn’t want to see any children walking to school in these conditions.

But, another thought came to me. We know that some children don’t have enough to eat at home, so the meals they get at school might be almost all they have. Think what this string of “no school” days means to those children.

School administrators have a very tough task when they have to decide if children are better off at home or in school.

This weather also put a damper on Catholic School Week activities at St. Mary’s this week. Their big Family Fun Night, which was scheduled for Wednesday, will be re-scheduled at a later date. In-school activities are still on track for Friday, including a prayer service and talent show — you’re all invited — at 12:45 p.m.

Take care and think warm thoughts.