Editor's column

The first thing I have to say is - don’t you just love that aerial photo of the Holiday Lights in Motion display that is on the front page this week? I saw it on HLM’s Facebook page and asked Shari Hittesdorf if we could publish it. She said it had been sent to them by the photographer, Jacob Molitor, so she asked him if we could print it also. I wanted to be sure that our readers who don’t see Facebook would get to see this beautiful view.

Thanks so much to all who made the Holiday Lights in Motion such a wonderful event for our community. Shari mentioned that people told them how proud they were to have this in Sleepy Eye. I also heard many comments like that. We often describe Sleepy Eye as fortunate to have such nice parks, great schools, the lake and aquatic center, good businesses and jobs, and so many wonderful people. We are proud of our community and appreciate people, like those who make Holiday Lights in Motion happen, who continue to give us even more to be proud of in Sleepy Eye.

Last week I wrote about being optimistic about 2019. I mentioned the city council’s task to find a new city manager. I don’t know if my worries came through, but I was trying to talk myself into being optimistic that all would go well with the process.

Well, I am pleased to tell you that in my opinion the process worked and the city council selected a very good person to be our next city manager.

The interviews before the city council on Tuesday afternoon were part of the council’s open meeting, so I decided to attend. The idea of sitting in on a job interview seemed kind of weird, but it was actually fine. The council members had more information about the candidates to base their decision on, while I only know what I saw and heard during the interviews. Plus, I met both the final candidates on Monday afternoon.

It is my opinion that both final candidates had good qualifications, and it is also my opinion that Kelli Truver is the right fit for Sleepy Eye. The comments from people who met her were very complimentary of her enthusiasm, intelligence, knowledge of Sleepy Eye and issues we are currently dealing with (she did extensive research on our community) and her interest in learning more. I thought she was very poised and well-prepared during her interview.

I want to compliment our city council on their work and deliberation. They processed a lot of information about the candidates. In the end, they discussed their impressions and were able to make a unanimous choice.

Hopefully, we will be welcoming Kelli Truver and her family to Sleepy Eye in the near future.