The Sleepy Eye Spirit in Motion dance team recently competed in their first two competitions of the season.

The Sleepy Eye danceline Spirit in Motion had their first two competitions of the season on Dec. 8 and Dec. 15.

On Dec. 8, the team found themselves at Renville County West. The JV team finished in the middle of the pack with a fifth place finish to get their season underway. The varsity jazz team found themselves finishing in ninth place and the varsity kick team placed eleventh.

Coach Lauren Hoffmann discussed the improvement from last season already showing in the first event of the season. “Scores for reach team are already equal to or higher than at the end of last season’s scores,” she said. “The team will make a few adjustments and prep for the next competition.”

That next competition was the following weekend at BOLD. BOLD is typically the strongest competition of the season as the dancers compete with 14 other teams, with roughly six of those teams representing themselves in the state tournament year in and year out.

The JV jazz team followed up their performance finished eleventh. The varsity jazz team finished twelves. The varsity high kick team finished around the middle of the competition placing eighth of 15. The girls look to work on improvements and focus on minor adjustments as they are back in action Jan. 5 in Edina.