The Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter held its annual Crop Show - Greenhand - Parents Night program on Monday, Nov. 19.

The Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter held its annual Crop Show - Greenhand - Parents Night program on Monday, Nov. 19. It was a chance for the families of FFA members to get together and recognize the efforts of the chapter’s members and parents, while announcing the winners of the 2018 FFA Crop Show.

Cassidy Hoffmann created a video of events from summer through the fall that was viewed during the crop show. She highlighted the officer team, the CDE teams, National FFA Convention, as well as summer FFA and service events.

FFA members exhibited a total of 407 samples of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, hay, silage, haylage, and miscellaneous crops at the 2018 Sleepy Eye FFA Crop Show. The purpose of the crop show is to exhibit a sample of a crop that will be judged on appearance — uniform color and size, as well as having no defects or unwanted debris. Making a crop sample for the show involves a lot of patience and attention to detail. The students are taught the longer amount of time spent preparing a crop sample, the more success they will have in the end. After the crop show, the crops are stored until the county and state fairs the following summer.

The Junior Officer team was also introduced at the event. They include: President Morgan Hoffmann, Vice President Presley Bauer, Secretary Gracie Sellner, Reporter Brennen Meyer, and Officer-at-Large Miah Brown.

The 2018 FFA Crop Show was a huge success, and would not have been possible without the involvement of the community. The FFA appreciates everyone who contributed, including donating crops, judging crops, and attending the event.

Junior High 2018 champions for each crop division:

Soybeans: Winsten Nienhaus. Shelled Corn: Isaac Lendt. Oats: Zach Ernst. Wheat: Winsten Nienhaus.

Senior High 2018 champions for each crop division:

Wheat: Cassidy Hoffmann. Soybeans: Jacob Schultz. Oats: Morgan Hoffmann. Shelled Corn: Cassidy Hoffmann.

Combined 7th - 12th Grade Champions:

Other Silage: Jacob Schultz. Miscellaneous: Vanessa Konopka. Alfalfa Hay: Jacob Schultz. Corn Silage: Cassidy Hoffmann. Other Hay: Jacob Schultz. Ear Corn: Cali Rossbach. Haylage: Jacob Schultz.

Top six overall Junior High exhibitors:

Junior High Crops Champion: Adam Johnson, 53 points. Reserve Champion: Zach Ernst, 40 points. Third Place: Jade Sellner, 35 points. Fourth Place: Winsten Nienhaus, 34 points. Fifth Place: Isaac Lendt, 32 points. Sixth Place: Nathan Rathman, 24 points.

Top ten overall Senior High exhibitors:

Senior High Crops Champion: Cassidy Hoffmann, 144 points. Reserve Champion: Jacob Schultz, 123 points. Third Place: Morgan Hoffmann, 103 points. Fourth Place: Cali Rossbach, 74 points. Fifth Place: Vanessa Konopka, 71 points. Sixth Place: Maranda Braulick, 63 points. Seventh Place: Brennen Meyer, 57 points. Eighth Place: Jacob Meyer, 55 points. Ninth Place: Martina Nienhaus, 49 points. 10th Place: Isaac Finstad, 48 points.