Thanksgiving is almost here and this serves as a reminder to be thankful for the minor things in life just as much as the big things.

Believe it or not. Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Most of us are saving our thanks and expressions of gratitude for the holiday. I say we change that. We should count our blessings every day.

It’s been scientifically proven that taking time to be thankful and appreciative for things you have received can help a person feel more positive as well as improving health. In addition, showing gratitude towards things you are appreciative about can help you deal with adversity.

How thankful are you? We never seem to be satisfied with what we have. Rich, poor, healthy, or sick. It makes a big difference when we realize all of the things we have been fortunate enough to possess.

It’s easy to take people for granted, for example. It’s easy to complain about somebody or become angry with them because they do not meet our every need. Give thanks to those around us. Spouses, children, relatives, friends, etc. They all help us in some way Do you thank them? Do you show them they’re appreciated? Let people know how fortunate and grateful you are to have them in your life. How many friendships end because of ingratitude?

For this Thanksgiving, I have a challenge. I challenge you all to truly thank somebody each day and see how many days you can go. If you cannot think of anybody to thank, be thankful for something you have. Show gratitude. Be thankful for your family as they are the foundation in life. Be thankful for your friends, relationships, your home, your vehicle, many of the simplest things that we take for granted. Every single day we do. Be thankful for the money in your bank account, for even the little coin you may have, you are richer than the majority of the entire world. Be thankful for your water you drink as there are third world countries fighting for water every day.

There are countless things to be thankful for. Don’t be picky and choosey, appreciate everything and find gratitude in your challenges.

To all my friends and family, I do not say it as much as I should. The Dalai Lama once said, “the roots of goodness are in the soil of appreciation for goodness. You’ve been too good to me, and it is deeply appreciated.” Thank you.