Chief Andres on two upcoming events.

On Wednesday, Nov. 14 the Sleepy Eye Ambulance, Sleepy Eye Fire Department, Sleepy Eye Police Department and Sleepy Eye Medical Center will be conducting a disaster drill at Sleepy Eye Public School. We will simulate the aftermath of an active shooter situation at the school. The drill will start at 7 p.m. with an EMS, Fire and Police page to the active shooter situation.

This drill will allow our first responders and medical center to use procedures already in place in a real time situation. Having a drill like this allows the Sleepy Eye Medical Center and Sleepy Eye First Responders to work together during a non-threatening but stressful event. By doing this we can figure out what works well with our plans and what needs improving.

The Sleepy Eye Police Department will work on scene safety and security. The Sleepy Eye Fire Department will work on area security of the High School, as well as assisting EMS in care and transport of victims. The Sleepy Eye Ambulance will work on triage and transport of victims. The Sleepy Eye Medical Center will work on mass victim care. We will be using volunteers to be victims in an attempt to make the scene as real as possible for the responders. This drill and others like it help create a better atmosphere for safety and the handling of critical incidents.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 7 p.m. the Sleepy Eye Police Department and Brown County Attorney Chuck Hanson will be holding a presentation at the Sleepy Eye Event Center. This presentation will be on juvenile “sexting.” This presentation is open to the public and is encouraged for anyone with children. We have seen a drastic rise with these cases in the past 3 to 4 years. This presentation will cover the legal consequences of these type of cases, but also how important it is that parents speak with their children about this behavior. I believe the only way to stop these cases from happening is for parents to understand that these situations are not rare and any child can be a victim of this. It is my hope that after the meeting, parents will be armed with good information to speak with their children about this, but also understand the importance of knowing what is happening in your child’s online world. It is a newer concept, but it is no longer enough to know who your child’s friends are; you also need to know who their online friends are. Face to face we can judge people well, but understanding who someone is online is far tougher. It is my hope that anyone interested in this subject attends this meeting. The more people understand this situation the better off our community will be.