Editor's column

You’ve heard this before: the voters have spoken. This election was of importance all across our country and also here in Sleepy Eye and Brown County. Even though I’ve been a bit down on the political discourse lately, I did spend some time watching election returns on TV Tuesday night.

It turned out I was interested in a lot of the returns from across the country and what the commentators had to say about them. But maybe even more, it was just a relief to watch TV and not see any more negative campaign ads.

As far as the local election went, it turned out I had to go to bed not knowing the outcome. Apparently the results were reported on the Secretary of State’s website sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Because there has been a lot of interest in both our Ward 2 City Council race and the Brown County Sheriff’s race, that was kind of frustrating. I slept through the night just fine. I wonder if those candidates did?

In our City Council race, we had two good men with best intentions for the city, but some differing opinions on how to move forward. I want to thank both Richard Zinniel and Gary Windschitl for their willingness to serve the citizens of Sleepy Eye.

I called Gary Wednesday morning, and found out he also managed to sleep through the night without knowing the results of the election. He said he wanted to thank his family—his wife Rachel and their kids—for their help and support and also wanted to thank the people for their votes and for encouraging him to run for office.

I want to thank our school board members who ran for re-election also. I hope they didn’t feel left out during this election season. I’ll admit, I hardly mentioned their election during this whole process. I do think that is a reflection of the old saying—no news is good news. It seems we are very satisfied with our current school board. There was no push to find additional candidates for office and the board members with expiring terms were interested in continuing their service.

What happens now? As far as the national scene, I have no illusions that everyone will start getting along. I think we are a divided nation in many ways. The election may have brought some changes, but the old battles remain. Perhaps we all can do our part in toning down the rhetoric and trying to find compromise.

I feel the same is true in the State of Minnesota, but I do have hope that Governor-elect Tim Walz is able to work with both sides and in a tone that we will find respectful.

And in Sleepy Eye? I hope for the best here too, of course. I love our little town and appreciate all those who work to make it even better.