"Meat of the North" starring Tim Schwartz!

When the Minnesota Pork Board created a documentary to educate consumers about Minnesota’s pork industry, they turned to Sleepy Eye’s Tim Schwartz to fill the role of pig farmer. As Manager of Farrowing Operations at Schwartz Farms, he fit the bill.

“Anytime we have the opportunity to promote pig farming and pork, it’s a lot of fun to be able to answer questions and talk to people who don’t know about pork production or have a farming background,” said Schwartz.

The video documentary, “Meat of the North,” highlights all facets of the Minnesota pork industry. Schwartz was joined by Kat Peterson, a Minneapolis Instagram foodie influencer, and Jeromy Darling, Minnesota pork enthusiast, in the video. The trio was filmed learning to cook pork to perfection at a cooking school in Minneapolis, stopping at Schmidt’s Meat Market in Nicollet, and visiting a Sleepy Eye farm—including a tour of a farrowing barn. Their last stop was the Music in the Park event that Schwartz Farms sponsored in June. Local people in attendance may remember the film crew there that night, and they might see themselves in the video.

The MN Pork Board said the goal of the documentary was to utilize Schwartz, and his passion for caring for pigs, to help consumers connect with where their food comes from. Schwartz said he enjoyed the experience. “It’s fun to tell the story on behalf of the people we work with and to make sure their story is told,” he said.

Oh, and how do you cook pork correctly? Schwartz knew before he visited that cooking school. “Cooking temperature of 145 degrees with a three-minute rest,” he said.

The full documentary can be viewed at: MeatOfTheNorth.com