The benefits of having your child signed up in sports far outweigh the cons of not being active. Have your child set down the Fortnite controller and signed up for a sport.

Having kids participate in sports is unequivocally one of the most beneficial things a parent can do for their child. Sports keep kids busy and physically active. Team sports are the best sports for kids. When kids are participating in team sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc., they will learn life-related skills they can carry with them throughout their entire lives.

In sports, children can develop social skills, teamwork, face adversity, improve their goal setting, develop competitiveness, and learn how to take instruction from authority.

When I see any type of sports program fold or become limited due to low participants, it makes me cringe. It should make you cringe also. Kids need to be involved in sports, I cannot say it enough.

Socially, kids will communicate and interact with peers and adults. One of the more important traits children have to develop is their social skills. Sports is a way for them to develop these. Team sports such as football and basketball are ideal for improving social and communication skills. Kids need to relate to other members of their team and their coaches. I often hear parents bring up the issue of wishing their kids were more social. Well, instead of placing an iPad in front of them, you can place them in a social situation by signing them into a sports activity.

Often as adults, in an interview, you may be asked if you are a team player. The interviewer is trying to get a keen understanding of how well you work with others. Team sports require kids to work with their teammates towards one common goal. They learn to practice, encourage, and motivate their teammates on a regular basis. This is important because as adults we need to work well with other people. Teamwork isn’t just in sports. It is in school, work, and in every facet of life.

In addition to teamwork, team sports can help a child face adversity and learn how to deal with things not going their way at a young age. One of the most important developments in a human being is their ability to handle a challenge. Sports can force a child to push through difficulties when they are tired or frustrated, giving them responsibility and building their character, while also improving their work ethic, all at the same time.

Developing confidence and self-worth, while also building friendships are also important. Learning how to assert yourself is one of life’s most difficult tasks that a kid has to learn. As a kid begins to see their skills improve over practice, their determination to succeed vastly increases, thus giving them a boost in their self-worth.

So, with all that said, please consider signing your child up for a sport. We have fantastic youth programs at both of our local schools and we need to take advantage of the opportunities we are being given in a small town. Don’t take them for granted. Improve your child’s social life, give them a healthy lifestyle, have them develop friendships that may last forever.