A memory of Homecomings past.

What are your memories of high school Homecoming activities? Do you remember when bonfires were a thing? I’m not talking about a little firepit that a few people stood around to keep warm. No, for some unknown reason (unknown on my part, anyway) one of the big Homecoming traditions was a huge bonfire—so huge that the fire department brought a truck to watch over it.

When I was a kid at public school, it apparently fell on the seventh grade to collect cardboard boxes for the bonfire. I remember doing that (it was 1967), and I remember the bonfire on bare ground near the school — probably about where the elementary school is now. Lots of people there, kids running around, really crazy.

Maybe that was the last one. I don’t remember, but at some point the adults came to their senses and the bonfire tradition was over.

With two weeks of Homecoming nearly over in Sleepy Eye, it’s been fun to see the kids enjoying their own traditions. They have dress up days, decorate the hallways, have a pepfest and play crazy games. They cheer for their teams and have a dance. They think it’s kind of always been this way.

I hope our kids have had a good time, and I’m sure glad their traditions are safer than one from the olden days!