Book signing scheduled for Oct. 1 at Dyckman Free Library.

Local author, Sam Evans, said the selection of men’s devotionals on bookstore shelves is pretty limited, especially compared to the section of women’s devotionals. That’s why her book of devotionals, titled “Adventure Devos,” is aimed at men. Adventurous men.

“Really it is for men simply because of the way the reader is addressed,” said Evans. “With a little tweaking, it could be for women, too.” More on that later.

Evans wrote the book with a friend, Eric Sprinkle, of Colorado Springs, Colo. The two met at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, held in Estes Park in May 2017, and struck up a friendship when they realized they both thrived on adventure.

“I’d begun blogging, because I was told it would make my writing better,” said Evans. “I asked Eric if I could use some of his photos with my blogs. He checked out my blog and suggested writing a men’s devotional—he’s the one who told me to check out those empty shelves in bookstores.”

“Adventure Devos” is a collection of 40 devotions. Evans and Sprinkle wrote 20 each. Each one begins by pointing the reader to a Bible verse to read, followed by the author’s own adventure story, along with a section applying the story and verse to daily life. The devotion ends with a couple dares. “Every devotion ends with a dare and double dare—challenges for the reader to look at things and do things outside of their comfort zone,” said Evans. “The only triple dog dare is on the very last devo and it challenges readers to share their own stories on our website.”

With 40 topics, it’s impossible to list them all, but here are a few intriguing samples: “Skydiving and Choosing Wrong,” Our Daily Wrestling Match; “The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Done,” Peer Pressure (that one is Evans’ and it involves jumping in a frozen lake); “Prayer Winks,” God’s Sense of Humor; “Seven Bad Decisions,” One Thing Leads to Another.

If it sounds like a suggestion to write a book—a suggestion that came after that May 2017 meeting—to the book’s completion in August of 2018, was a lot of intense work, that is correct. During that time the two authors wrote their own devotionals, read and suggested edits for each other, and employed other editors to help polish their work.

“Adventure Devos” is slated to be available for purchase on Amazon, beginning Friday, Sept. 7. Evans is also planning a book signing event, the evening of Monday, Oct. 1 at Dyckman Free Library in Sleepy Eye.

“The book signing will include drawings for free prizes from Hardee’s, Dairy Queen, Friendz Salon and more," said Evans. “There are also Sleepy Eye appearances throughout the book, which I'm excited to reveal at the book signing. It's going to be a fun event!”

And, what about the book being adaptable for a female audience? Evans said she and Sprinkle are already on it. They expect to have the women’s version completed later this fall, with a version for youth to follow sometime in the future.

Evans’ other published works include her book, “Love Letters to Miscarried Moms” and a number of testimonials written for Good Catch Publishing. Asked about her secret intention as an author, Evans said she imagined herself as the author of fiction. “I have five novels written,” she said. “They just need another look, editing and everything that goes into publishing a book.”

Evans is married to Clint Evans, Pastor of Faith United Methodist Church in Sleepy Eye. The couple have three young daughters.