This week I discuss the importance of staying within yourself and not becoming too high or too low in the battle of everyday life.

Unfortunately, with Labor Day weekend come and gone, summer is all but over. The warm weather, the days at the lake, the days at the ballpark, have come to an end. The worst part about summer is that it comes to an end. However, perhaps we wouldn’t appreciate summer as much if we had it all-year round. While I transition from baseball to football, I would like to pass on a piece of advice I was given the other day that translates from sports into life very well.

“Never get too high or too low.” This is something I find myself guilty of quite often honestly. For the sake of the season, let’s use football. In football, like many sports, games are full of momentum and swings. A long touchdown run with the team playing great defense, hitting on all cylinders, can quickly be flipped over with a turnover like a fumble or an interception. So, how do we find the middle ground? How do we stay emotionally stable by not getting too high or too low?

“Find joy in the journey.” Seems simple enough, no? In the heat of the moment, when life is moving so quickly, running from place to place, it is easy to forget. We have all had ups and downs in life. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I admit that as I have gotten older, this has gotten easier, it is still difficult though. I try to remind myself to think big picture. Life on earth as we know it is so small and so short, we truly do not realize it, until it is too late. As I’ve grown older, I find myself saying “this too shall pass.” It is so important to have the perspective that we must not be too discouraged in our low moments and we also must not be too impressed with ourselves when things are going well. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, so it seems. I have gotten lost in the transition of life from time to time, I am hard on myself, I realize nobody is perfect, but while also getting lost, I think a person finds themselves as well.

I am going to attempt something different here. I am going to try and get game recaps up online ASAP. This way our readers can get the summary much quicker than a week later. The paper edition of the recaps will be a tad shorter, but with an additional game preview of the upcoming game. I am also excited to say that I will be doing feature articles on former Sleepy Eye student-athletes. Basically a little check-in of what some of our former athletes are up to these days at college. I have received commitments from Matt Berkner, Nate Schroepfer, Madi Heiderscheidt, and many more. So stay tuned! I am very excited for this piece.

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