We are ready for the fall sports season!

It had to happen. AJ Rusch, our summer sports writer, went back to college. He simply could not be convinced that he should quit school and stay here. I want to thank AJ for his work this summer and I was happy to read in his column last week that the job brought him a love of a baseball.

Best wishes to AJ as he takes on the role of editor at the SMSU college newspaper this year. He said he learned a lot here this summer, and I can imagine him telling his newspaper staff, “Guess what? Deadlines are for real.”

The good news is that Brandon Streich has joined our staff to cover sports, and other stories as needed. Turn to the sports page and read his first few stories and his column. Brandon’s knowledge of sports, and Sleepy Eye, and Sleepy Eye sports, will be a great asset to the paper. He hit the ground running (I mean typing) and quickly grasped any newspaper writing tips I had for him. Welcome, Brandon.

I have one more Corn Days story to tell. Our two-day celebration has been around long enough to be the official tradition now, but I always tell the youngsters in charge of the event that Corn Day was always the fourth Thursday in August—always, always. Well, did I ever get a surprise when I was looking through old newspapers for this week’s Out of the Past section. Apparently they had Corn Day on a Saturday in 1968, and it was the first Saturday in September! Talk about shattering my illusions about knowing everything.

Either way, Corn Days is a great event, by a great organization—the Chamber of Commerce. Another great organizations—Holiday Lights in Motion—is having a great summer food event tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 31, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Okay, it’s not as big as Corn Day, just lunch, but you’re sure to enjoy it. Stop at their stand at Schutz Family Foods for hot dogs, kraut dogs and tacos in a bag. Support those twinkling lights we all love!