Hello all, and welcome to my weekly column. I am Brandon Streich and I am your new Sports Writer for the Herald-Dispatch. Before I get started, I must give a shoutout to my great friend and mentor, Dean Brinkman for the column name. As baseball fanatics, we always discussed if I could talk baseball for a living or write a book, or stream a podcast that I needed to name it Balls and Streich’s. Low and behold, I now have a platform to express my thoughts in not just the sports world, but the world in general. My relationship with you, the readers may vary. I may interact with you from time to time, give you my voice through coaches and athletes, and you may get a hint at who I am. This column will allow me to express my opinions of current events in the world.
I am very excited to join you all in the journey of Sleepy Eye sports. We have so many successful sports programs in the area, it is hard not to follow along and be proud. Sleepy Eye’s burning passion for sports and success needed somebody to give them the same passion and desire and I am glad I can be that person to provide that for the city of Sleepy Eye. I have been here for five days now and it is a bit of a rush, but I am adjusting and looking forward to times ahead as fall sports have begun.
 For those of you who do not know me, sports have been my burning passion since I can remember.  Outside of my competitiveness and passion, I think I love sports the most because of the many ways it unites us as people. Whether it is the  World Series, Super Bowl, March Madness, World Cup, Olympics, whatever it may be.
Sports inspires us. With many headlines today related to corruption, scandals, shootings, etc., sports gives us a break from the “real life.” It’s refreshing. I love sports because when there’s a conflict on the field, it ends once you walk off the field, unlike conflicts we deal with in everyday life.
I love sports because they bring out the best in us. Sports make us courageous, confident, and strong. I love sports because they teach us about perseverance, hard work, and the value of both winning and losing. Those are all life lessons that we can learn from.
With all that said, I am once again, more than excited to keep you all up to date on Sleepy Eye sports. I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend with your families. I hopefully will be savoring a few Sleepy Eye Amateur baseball victories at the State Tournament. Roll Tribe!