Another Buttered Corn Days Celebration. That’s what is in the books.

Another Buttered Corn Days Celebration. That’s what is in the books. The 57th annual event, and yes, I was at number one, was another fun-filled Sleepy Eye tradition that has grown big! My brother Warren, who grew up here and was Editor of the Herald-Dispatch for a couple years in the 1980s, had to give me a little guff about the expansion of Corn Day to Corn Days. We old folks like to carp about how we never did it that way.

Corn Day was the fourth Thursday in August. A last blast before school started. A one and out kind of day. While the Del Monte sweet corn has stayed the same, everything else has gradually added up to make this a wonderful community celebration that delights residents and visitors alike.

I guess some things don’t change. The school moved up their start day, so Corn Days is still the last blast before the school starts!

Congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce—official Corn Days sponsor—and all the other businesses and organizations that made it such a success for Sleepy Eye!

Speaking of last blasts, the swimming season came to end at the Sleepy Eye Family Aquatic Center, too. The lifeguards all trickled off to college, high school sports practices and now, high school classes. I really love that place. I love having my grandchildren come, so I can swim with them, and I love going to the early morning water aerobics class—so I can swim with my friends!