The members showcased their crop and livestock projects and also helped run the FFA Kiddy Barnyard and FFA shows at the fair.

Sleepy Eye FFA members had many different roles at the 2018 Brown County Fair, Aug. 8 to 12. The members showcased their crop and livestock projects and also helped run the FFA Kiddy Barnyard and FFA shows at the fair.

FFA livestock exhibitors included: sheep—Cassidy and Morgan Hoffmann; goats—McKenzie Cselovszki, Macy Schenk, Trey Heiderscheidt, Isaac Huiras and Maranda Braulick; dairy—Isaac Johnson, Isaac Nelson and Sophie Portner; beef—Cassidy Hacker, Isaac Lendt, Carmen Lendt and Kalli Christensen; poultry—Maranda Braulick, Martina Nienhaus and Brennen Meyer.

Sleepy Eye FFA members were very successful with their projects at the fair. The following are their placings and the resulting champions.

FFA Dairy Show Isaac Nelson: Senior Champion, Overall Best in Show; award sponsor—Seifert Dairy. Sophia Portner: Reserve Senior Champion, Reserve Junior Champion. Isaac Johnson: Junior Champion.

FFA Beef Show  Cassidy Hacker: Reserve Champion Heifer, Reserve Cow/Calf Champion. Carmen Lendt: Champion Cow/Calf Pair.

FFA Goat Show McKenzie Cselovszki: Champion Market Wether, Reserve Champion Doe.

FFA Crops Show The crops show was a very large competition with over 700 samples. All of the crops will be displayed at the Minnesota State Fair from Aug. 22 to Sept. 3.

Crop Show Champions Wheat: Trisha Ludewig; Shelled Corn: Nick Ludewig; Soybeans: Trisha Ludewig; Miscellaneous: Ethan Fischer; Oats: Samantha Arista.

Crop Show Reserve Champions

Soybeans: Parker Neid; Miscellaneous: Trisha Ludewig; Oats: Trisha Ludewig, Shelled Corn: Nick Ludewig; Wheat: Cassidy Hoffmann.

Crops Best of Show Award Winner: Trisha Ludewig; award sponsor—Cunningham Seed Farms.

The Ag Mechanics division had several entries this year, including woods, tractor, and fishing pole projects. Cassidy Hoffmann and Martina Nienhaus had wood exhibits.

The FFA chapters of Brown County also conducted the FFA Kiddy Barn during the five days of the fair. It was a huge success thanks to the many FFA members from Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and New Ulm who worked shifts during the fair, as well as the people who donated animals for the Kiddy Barn. Over 30 Sleepy Eye FFA members helped children have a great experience with baby animals and learn about farm safety and agriculture while at the fair.

The FFA Kiddy Barnyard exhibited newborn farm animals donated by Spring Creek Dairy—Holstein calf, Cselovszki Farms—Boer goats and Port Haven Dairy—Brown Swiss calf.

The FFA Kiddy Barnyard also had an agriculture coloring and activity station, as well as a safety carnival and scavenger hunt. At the safety carnival, FFA members conducted several games with safety questions covering grain, ATVs, tractors and machinery, animals, and chemicals. The members of the Sleepy Eye chapter had a great time teaching youth at the Kiddy Barnyard about animals and safety, as well as showcasing their FFA projects during the Brown County Fair.