In March  Carissa Lick along with her husband and new Reverend  at First Presbyterian Church David Lick moved to St. James.

After spending three years in Chicago and 4 years in South Dakota, Southern Minnesota native Carissa Lick is returning to her roots starting as a EL teacher at Northside and St. James High School.

While Lick has been living in St. James since March she said her first experience with the district was a few years ago when she did her student teaching at Northside  something she called a very good experience making the decision to take a job in the district a easy one.

While Lick always knew she wanted to be a teacher she was never to familiar about what ESL or EL programs were.

The main role that Lick will have at Northside is helping students who are learning English with their language skills outside of the classroom so that they can be more comfortable with their english skills and ultimately do better in different subject areas.

After getting some advice from her now mother in law about the careers of working in different needed subject areas like special education, EL and other subject areas Lick decided to focus on becoming a EL teacher.

Lick said that she is able to combined her different passions in her career which includes language, equality, culture and teaching as she helps students at all different points in their academic careers improve their language skills.

Before coming to St. James Lick spent the past years implementing a EL program in growing immigrant populated communities in South Dakota something that she said she enjoyed.

During her role with the school district Lick will be working with English Learners mainly  from grades K-3 and from 9-12.

While Lick never was enrolled in any english learner programs growing up she said that she feels she is able to connect with many of the students and others in the community who are learning english for the first time.

During her time in high school she spent time as a foreign exchange student where she has to learn a new language and go through school without being fluent in the language.

The Southern Minnesota native is looking forward to beginning her career in St. James and hopes to be able to help her students and the community in any way she can.