How many people read actual print versions of books anymore? And no, books read in school don’t count. Many people’s excuse is they don’t have time. That is malarkey. Saying you don’t have time to read, is almost as bad as saying you don’t have time to exercise. Unfortunately, the number of people who do read is a very small percentage of the population, and that percentage of people will probably continue to go down throughout the coming years.
Pew Research Center does a study each year to determine how many people are still reading at least one book a year.   This percentage has steadily gone down since their studies began. In 1978, only 8 percent of Americans hadn’t read a book. During the 90s, that percentage had crept up to 14 percent, and now in 2018, the number of people who haven’t opened up a book is said to be at 24 percent. That's triple the amount from 1978. Other studies have been done this year on the same subject, and the percentage varies, but it mostly sticks to the mid- to upper- 20 percent range.
In a study done by  Huffington Post, they went out and asked 1,000 adults in the U.S. if they had read a book this year. 41 percent of the respondents had not read a fiction book, and 42 percent hadn’t read a nonfiction book. Those are some depressing numbers.  
I am a writer, so I read a lot obviously. In the past four months alone, I have read nine books. I have to practice my craft just like everybody else, but, that’s not the only reason I read. Mostly I read because I enjoy it.
Books come with many benefits beyond just our entertainment. Books can generally help your IQ. Anne E. Cunningham, a graduate of Berkeley and a successful author, wrote a paper on how she found that kids who read consistently had higher GPAs than those who did not.
Reading a book can also replicate the same feeling you get when you are loving on your pet. It helps reduce stress.  It also helps increase your vocabulary and improve your memory. And possibly the most important of all, especially in today’s day and age, reading a book can evolve the way we think.
So, do yourself a favor and go get a book. Even if you only read a couple pages a day, the effects are the same.