Sleepy Eye VFW Post 800 District match-ups began on Thursday, July 27, against Chaska.
Chaska 5
Sleepy Eye 4
Post 800 lost a game that came down to the last pitch. Matthew Sellner scored in the seventh inning, bringing the score to 4-5 in favor of Chaska. Post 800 had Jackson Huiras on third and Jack Nelson on second when  Jacob Meyer came up to bat. Meyer had the opportunity to bring in the tying run, that could have sent the game to extra innings, but ended up striking out.
The game looked like it was going to go to Chaska early, as they nabbed the lead with two runs in the fourth. Post 800 had ditched runners on base throughout the first three innings, which didn’t help their odds. But, when the fifth rolled around, Spencer Hoffmann tripled, which sparked Post 800 offensively. Meyer made his way to second. Nick Labat singled, which brought in Hoffmann and then an error allowed Meyer to tie the game and Labat came in for the clutch run to put Post 800 ahead by a run.
Chaska struck back with another two runs in the sixth to retake the lead. Post 800 again abandoned runners on second and third during the sixth, stumbling when the opportunity to take the lead presented itself.
When the seventh rolled around, it was do or die for Post 800. They ended up a run short, but lived to fight another day. Labat pitched a complete game for Post 800. He struck out six, walked eight, and gave up five hits and one earned run.
Once again, they’d have to battle through the loser’s bracket. Fairmont, their next opponent, withdrew—leaving one less game to worry about.
Head Coach Brandon Streich knows his team can  give some of the bigger teams a run for their money. “We’ve shown we can compete with the top teams, but at times we were complacent.”
At the plate:
Spencer Hoffmann, 1 for 5, 3B, one run scored and an RBI.
Nick Labat, 1 for 3, a run score and an RBI.
Carson Domeier, 2 for 4.
Mapleton 7
Sleepy Eye 0
Sleepy Eye VFW Post 800’s first match-up in the loser’s bracket was against Mapleton on July 27, at Mueller Park.
Post 800 did not strike out at all in their match-up with Mapleton. But, they did have a whole bunch of pop-flys that just didn’t want to fall in a gap. After playing Chaska, the team that advanced to State, so tight, Post 800 should have shown more life against Mapleton. “We were right there against Chaska and they advanced to State. We just showed up complacent (against Mapleton) it has been our achilles heel all year,” said coach Streich.
After three straight ‘three and outs’ on the offensive side, and three runs scored by Mapleton, Post 800 finally got runners on base during the fourth. They ended up stranding Spencer Hoffman on third and Jacob Meyer on second.
Post 800 would remain mostly quiet until the seventh inning. But, again, they ditched a trio of runners on base. Mapleton would add their last four runs in the sixth. The boys would fall to Mapleton 7-0.
Meyer pitched for Post 800 for five innings. He struck out four, walked four and gave up nine hits and three earned runs. Kyle Goblirsch also pitched two innings. He stuck out one and gave up three hits.
“Our achilles heel all year has been whether we came to play or not,” said coach Streich after the game. “We struggle to find that 110 percent, but I’m proud of how our team competed and hustled all year.”
At the plate:
Ethan Fischer, 2 for 3.
Spencer Hoffmann, 1 for 3.
Jacob Meyer, 1 for 3.
Kyle Goblirsch, 1 for 3.
Kadon Strong, 1 for 3.

As the summer leaguers brace for their winter hibernation, the coaches can look on and plan for next year. Coach Streich is very excited for the young group of guys that will return next year.
“I knew we were going to be young coming in, and I am excited for the young core to return next year, because if they stick together and believe in the process and the culture  we are trying to build, big things are coming!”