Reported missing June 3 - found by citizen.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office issued the following news release late Sunday afternoon, July 29, with an update on the search for Sleepy Eye man, Vince Mathiowetz, who was reported missing on June 3.

From the Sheriff’s office: On July 29 at approximately 10:46 a.m. law enforcement was contacted by a citizen, who was using the rest area on Highway 4 near the Cottonwood River, that they observed a gun, clothing and what appeared to be bone. The Brown County Sheriff’s Office and Sleepy Eye Police Department responded and processed the scene where a revolver, human bone remains, a hat, blue jeans, red-t-shirt, brown work type boots, a watch, eye glasses and a driver’s license belonging to Vincent Mathiowetz were found. The human bone remains will be taken to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office to be compared with known DNA samples that were previously collected from family members for a positive identification. The area where the human bone remains were found was in the general area where previous searches were conducted.

On Sunday, June 3, 2018 at approximately 12:13 p.m., the Sleepy Eye Police Department received a report of a missing person. An attempt to locate was issued on Vincent Hugo Mathiowetz. At approximately 1:37 p.m., a vehicle belonging to Mathiowetz was located south of Sleepy Eye (approximately 3 ½ miles) at a boat landing on Highway 4 near the Cottonwood River. The Sleepy Eye Police Department was informed that Mathiowetz had shown signs of depression prior.

Vincent Mathiowetz was last seen wearing blue jeans, a red t-shirt, a blue and white flannel, brown work boots and was known to wear glasses and a watch. The search of the area was conducted by the Sleepy Eye Police Department, Brown County Sheriff’s Office, New Ulm Police Department K-9 unit, Sleepy Eye Fire Department, New Ulm Fire Department, Minnesota DNR, Renville County Sheriff’s Office drone, a drone provided by Bolton and Menk, the Minnesota State Patrol – Flight Section and Northstar Search and Rescue.

Chief Deputy Jason Seidl, in a phone conversation Tuesday morning, July 31, said the person who called law enforcement Sunday morning was not a local person, but a passerby who did not know about the search for Mathiowetz and just happened to stop in the rest area.

Asked about local talk that the discovery was made about 50 feet from where Mathiowetz’s truck was initially found, Seidl confirmed a hat, gun and some human remains were found there and that other clothing and items had been likely displaced by flood waters and found over an area of about 50 feet downstream.

Seidl said the human bone remains are at the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office and he does not expect to receive results of the DNA testing prior to this issue of the Herald-Dispatch being published.

“People experiencing crisis in their lives, should know there are services available to help them,” said Seidl. “They can contact law enforcement, a hospital, or their doctor for help. In Brown County we refer people to the South Central Mobile Crisis Team, 877-399-3040. They will talk with you about your situation or send crisis team members to meet with you.”