Seifert quads re-enact childhood photo at Dairy Queen.

It was a big deal in Sleepy Eye when quads were born to Arthur and Dolores Seifert at the Sleepy Eye Municipal Hospital, May 3, 1950. As the first quads born in Minnesota their growing-up years were documented by local and state media. Just take a look through Herald-Dispatch archives from 1950 through 1968—the quads were featured on birthdays, first days of school, religious milestones, proms and graduations.

Two photos (that I couldn’t find in a search of 1954 to 1956 summer newspapers) featured the four youngsters receiving cones from Dairy Queen owner Jim Broich. Thanks to Red and Sandy Zarn, those photos were framed and are displayed in the Dairy Queen of today.

This past weekend, the Seifert quads—Martha Andersen, Monica Clayton, Marie Hoffmann and Mike Seifert—got together in Sleepy Eye for both a Seifert family gathering and the girls’ 50 year class reunion. It was the perfect occasion to re-enact those Dairy Queen photos from so many years ago.

Dairy Queen owner, Scott Vaubel, was happy to repeat the treat for the Seifert quads. The Zarns also plan to repeat their project and have the new photos framed, in official Dairy Queen style, to display above the originals for some special Sleepy Eye Dairy Queen Seifert quads history.