Mike Trout is by far my favorite baseball player in the league, as the Angels are my favorite team. While I do think he is wildly underrated, and Bryce Harper steals a lot of the spotlight, it was cool to see Harper make an epic comeback to win the HR Derby in his own house.
The Harpers were down 18-9 to Kyle Schwarber in the final round. He would then go on to hit 9 out of 10 home runs—with his dad pitching—to tie it up and then ultimately win it in bonus time.
The place just exploded when Harper hit that final home run. Streamers fell and his teammates were throwing him around like a rag doll, all while he was hoisting the bat high above his head. It’s moments like that that really make sports so special.
It is known the Bryce Harper has not been having his best season so far, for whatever reason. He is hitting well below .220 and the Nationals are only playing .500 baseball. Which is especially weird since it is a contract year, and I believe Harper to be the second best player in the league, right behind Trout.
But, I think this could be a turning point for Harper and the Nationals. They may make it to the playoffs and redeem themselves. But they will likely get crushed—just like they always do.
Then Harper will resent the Nationals for always losing in the first round and refuse to sign a contract with them. He will then sign with the Angels and a new dynasty will be born. What? I guy can dream, can’t he?