Windom 6, SE 5
SE 4, Windom 3
On June 26, Sleepy Eye 18U ASA softball team headed to Windom one player short of a full team, and split the doubleheader. For the games combined, Mariah Miller had a double and two singles, Alexa Owens hit a triple, Lauren Klein had a double, and Jordan Rettig added a single.
18U 11, 16U 11
18U 9, 16U 2
On June 28, there were black and gold identical uniforms as far as the eye could see, when Sleepy Eye 18U ASA battled Sleepy Eye 16U ASA.
For the 18U team, Mallory Helget pitched and Ali Beltz caught the first game. In that first game, Beltz cracked a home run, a triple, and a double, and had three RBIs. Helget had a single and two RBIs, and Leslie Flores hit two singles. Sara Zinniel and Lauren Klein each had a single and an RBI, Kelsie Kosak hit a single, Lexie Anderson added two RBIs, and Jordan Rettig added one.
Megan Ahlness pitched for 16U, while Kya Krzmarzick caught. Madi Roberts hit a double, a single, and had two RBIs; Syd Windschitl had a double, a single, an RBI; Kenna Strong had a double and one RBI; AJ Guggisberg hit two singles and had an RBI; Emma Fischer and Morgan Klein each added two singles; Megan Ahlness hit a single and Kya Krzmarzick added an RBI.
The game ended in a tie and the International Rule was used to break that tie. After an inning of that, the score once again was a tie, so the game ended in an 11-11 tie.
In the second game. Megan Labat pitched for 18U and Leslie Flores caught. Once again, Ali Beltz had a hot bat, with a triple, a double, and two RBIs. Lexie Anderson had a double, a single, and an RBI; Kelsie Kosak came alive with two speedy triples and an RBI; Flores added two singles; Lauren Klein and Mariah Miller each had one and Sara Zinniel added an RBI. For the 16U team, AJ Guggisberg pitched and Kya Krzmarzick was catcher. Guggisberg sent a ball sailing over the fence and had two RBIs; Morgen Klein added a single. The 18U team won this game 9-2.
16U 10, 18U 6
18U 8, 16U 5
On Tuesday, July 10, the identical black and gold uniforms of Sleepy Eye's 16U and 18U ASA teams covered the field at Prairieview Park again.
For the 16U team, Megan Ahlness pitched the first game and Brynja Mielke caught. In their second game, Morgan Klein did the pitching and Mielke again caught. For the 18U team, Gabby Helget pitched and Leslie Flores caught game one and Kathryn Schroepfer pitched and Ali Beltz caught game two.
In the course of the two games, Mielke hit a double, two singles, and had an RBI for the 16U team. Syd Windschitl hit two singles; Madi Roberts hit a double; Morgan Klein had a double and an RBI; and Emma Fischer, AJ Guggisberg, Lauren Hoffmann, Megan Ahlness, and Emily Weiss each contributed a single.
For the 18U team, Alexa Owens used strength and speed to crack an in-the-park home run. She also had a single and an RBI. Sara Zinniel added a double, two singles, and an RBI. Contributing a triple, a single, and two RBIs was Ali Beltz. Lauren Klein had two singles and an RBI, Gabby Helget had two singles and Lexie Anderson had one.
The teams split, with the 16Us winning the first game 10-6 and the 18Us winning the second game 8-5.
End of Year
The Sleepy Eye 18U team attended the End of the Year Tournament at Caswell Park in North Mankato, July 14 and 15. They managed to bring home third place medals, after losing a very close game on Sunday.
Three games were played on Saturday, with Kathryn Schroepfer pitching and Madeline Gag catching all three games. Game one was against Martin Co. West with Sleepy Eye winning 6-1. Gag sailed a ball over the fence and had two RBIs. Alexa Owens had two RBIs and Lauren Klein had one. Schroepfer, Leslie Flores, Ali Beltz, and Sara Zinniel each contributed a single.
The second game was against New Ulm. Gag hit a double and a single and Klein and Maddy Portner each added two singles and an RBI. Beltz hit two singles, and Gabby Helget and Zinniel each had one, with Helget also getting an RBI. Sleepy Eye won this game 9-6.
The opponent in game three was LSH. Sleepy Eye lost this game 13-7. Beltz, Gag, and Portner each hit a double, with Beltz adding two RBIs and Gag adding one. Sara Zinniel, Lauren Klein, Alexa Owens and Kathryn Schroepfer all hit singles, with Schroepfer also adding an RBI.
The loss on Sunday, against WEM, was a tough one. Schroepfer and Gag again had pitching and catching duties. Beltz hit a triple and a single and Klein hit a double and a single. Zinniel had a double and Gag added a single.
At the end of regular play, the score was tied at two and International Rules came into effect to break the tie. The teams each got one more run, so International Rules were used a second time. Sleepy Eye got no runs and WEM had two outs when a close call at first allowed a runner to cross home plate for WEM. Sleepy Eye lost 4-3, in a well-fought game, to end their 2018 season.