The brave will tell you to face your fears, and only the bravest will listen. So, those of you who are afraid of mice, go say you’re sorry to the cousin of the mouse whose brains were bashed in by the trap you set. For those of you afraid of snakes, go give one a hug. And especially if you are afraid of spiders, stop sucking them up with your vacuum cleaners. They probably just think of you as roommates anyways.  
The late, great, Roy Scheider, AKA Martin Brody of “Jaws”, convinced me to face my fear of sharks. The man himself survived multiple encounters with a mammoth great white shark that stalked him across the ocean and frequently gorged on human beings. So when he said to me, “Hey, how ‘bout you get into a cage and swim with the lions of the sea?” How could I say no? You can’t say no to that! Your reputation will be permanently scarred!
I remember the fateful day like it was yesterday.  It will forever be etched in writing on the fleshy walls of my heart.
The sea was angry that day. It thrashed, slapped, and harassed our boat as it slid across the oceans back, leaving a foamy trail in its wake. All of the bones in my body chattered to the idiotic chorus of seagulls that circled above us, hoping to be thrown some food.
Scheider knew when we got deep enough. Seagulls don’t venture out that far, and falling into the ocean there would surely mean certain death. The spanish gray mask was peeled away, and the true, black, face of the ocean, where the evil things of the sea reside, was finally revealed.
The warm life blood of the ocean wrapped around me as I descended into the black abyss. My eyes didn’t adjust to the darkness for sometime, and the fact that I was panting like a bulldog in the summer heat, didn’t help my goggle situation as they constantly fogged up.
To be Continued.....
Authers note: This fictitious story is written by a writer with an overactive imagination.