Report on July city council meeting.

The Sleepy Eye City Council held its regular meeting on Tuesday evening, July 10. Council President Joann Schmidt conducted the meeting, as Mayor Wayne Pelzel was not in attendance.

Peggy Tauer approached the council to ask for consideration of some type of honor for Sleepy Eye pioneer Edward Peter Bertrand (Tauer’s great-grandfather). Tauer had supplied the council with information about E.P. Bertrand: he was a Civil War veteran; he farmed in Home Township, 1867 to 1872; he was Sleepy Eye’s first legislator, serving in the Minnesota House of Representatives, 1877 to 1879; he served as County Auditor, Judge of Probate and Village Council President; he was a Main Street businessman, operating a general store, a hardware store, and organizing Farmers and Merchants State Bank in 1901.

Councilor Doug Pelzel suggested a plaque in Veterans Park. The council was in agreement and refered the project to Kurk Kramer for the EDA’s consideration.

Brent Kucera, River View Sanitation, asked the council to approve a proposal by RVS to supply one 65 gallon garbage can to each household (current cans are generally 30 gallons) resulting in a rate increase of 75 cents per month. RVS trucks have a mechanism to lift and dump these cans. The council approved renewing RVS contract for five years, starting Jan. 1, 2019, with price increase then; supplier will deliver the new cans to households in December.

City Manager Mark Kober presented the council with a preliminary 2019 budget, reflecting investment in downtown development and streets. A budget meeting was set for noon on July 19.

Blight enforcement officer, Matt Ibberson, offered a report of his activity. He said he receives complaints from the city or citizens, visits the location and either talks to the property owner or posts a notice when no one is there to talk with and/or he can’t reach them by phone. Ibberson said he has posted 8 to 10 notices, and handled another 8 to 10 issues through conversations. “I try to solve it by talking to them before starting any court process,” he said. Citizens with concerns or complaints can notify Ibberson through the city office.