Report on June EDA meeting.

The Board’s discussion on downtown district rehab plans continued again at the June 26 EDA meeting. The Paul Warshauer proposal, for a ground floor apartment in a Main Street business district building, was briefly discussed, and it was noted he presented his proposal to the Planning and Zoning Commission, which will be submitting a recommendation to the City Council. As downtown planning continues, the Board is also interested in the input that was given at the Ron Drake Gap Analysis Meeting held at the Event Center June 26, as well as the information that will be discussed at an upcoming Community Visioning Meeting. I would like to also take this opportunity to thank those who recently attended the presentation I gave on the Ron Drake Report. There was good constructive dialog, suggestions, and comments, that were shared during this time, and I look forward to more details and discussions as we look forward to the first of the Community Visioning Meetings that will be planned. Stay tuned…

The Little Sprouts Learning Center Board of Directors continues their planning efforts and continues to await receiving their license from the Department of Human Services. Future fund-raising events are being planned for later in the year to go towards covering the many start-up costs. The Center is currently up and running under the Tri-Valley license and the Center hopes to be on their own within the coming weeks. The phone number for enrollment and/or more information is: 794-8785. They also have a Facebook page for more information.

Since there was no response from Delia Linan to the letter sent from the city attorney regarding her delinquent Mayma’s Kitchen loan payments by the May 1 deadline date noted in the letter, or to follow the suggestions for completing the payment responsibilities, the EDA Board has requested that the city attorney contact her and ask for her to setup wage garnishment numbers to bring this delinquent loan to a close.

The Board was presented with information on a program from another community about a “Youth on Boards” program. I will be examining this program in more detail and will bring a suggested guideline for the Board to consider, and then work on developing our own local Youth on Boards program to be implemented by the EDA and possibly other local Boards and/or Committees.

The Board was presented with some preliminary information on the possibility of considering the former Shane’s Tire property to be considered as a future location for the Chamber of Commerce/CVB Office. There is still very much that needs to be researched and considered before any type of action would be taken. More information will be made available to the public as we continue to examine this possibility.

I presented some preliminary information and financials to the board regarding a couple of EDA Program applications that have been submitted to me. More information on these projects and applications will be presented once they have been completed in their entirety and are formally submitted in application form.

I shared with the Board that I am waiting for a response from a housing development company that I have been in contact with to consider some possible housing projects for our community. I have also been in contact with numerous people from our community who have voiced an interest to me in investing and getting involved in a possible building project. Plans are being made for a meeting with this developer and those who have this interest. If anyone else is interested in getting involved, please contact me.

The EDA strives to move forward in a positive manner by maintaining and improving the community through retention and growth of business, industry, and services. If anyone has any questions, wants more information, or would like more details on any of the projects the EDA is working on, please feel free to contact me.