Editor's column.

Who put the 4th of July on a Wednesday? While I like a day off in the middle of the week as much as anyone, I don’t like having to publish a Thursday paper on Tuesday morning. But, that’s what we had to do this week. Even the printers get a holiday to celebrate our country’s Independence Day—as they should!

So, if you wonder why there are no pictures of fireworks on the front page, it is because the July 5 paper was printed July 3. Look for some good stuff next week. I asked AJ to take pictures of the park events and fireworks this year. I told him to read the camera manual to get some tips on how to take pictures of fireworks. (We’ll see how that goes. It turns out he and I share a disturbing trait—we don’t like to read the instructions.)

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable 4th of July. There is one thing I like about having it fall in the middle of the week. I think maybe more people who stay in Sleepy Eye for the holiday then. More people in Sleepy Eye means more people to eat at the food stand in the park and more people to enjoy the fireworks over the lake.

For those who turn the entire week into a vacation . . . well, if that is how you want to burn vacation days, when there is a perfectly good celebration right here at home, I guess you’ll never know what you missed. (A good, old-fashioned Sleepy Eye 4th of July celebration—that’s what you missed.)

The truth is, however you got to spend the 4th of July, I hope it was what you wanted. The girls I questioned about their plans, for the Inquiring Photographer feature, mentioned being with family.

I am willing to bet if I had stopped adults, or a group of unrelated kids, I would have received many more answers of “Spend time with family.”

When we feature the Lions Club Students of the Month during the school year, more likely than not they list spending time with family as one of their favorite activities. I don’t believe they are making that up to look good on their applications. Kids like to spend time with their families, their parents and siblings, their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They really do. That family time makes for the best childhood memories for most children.

Please pray that the immigrant children being held in centers will all soon be reunited with their own families.