But, what about the cats?

Something for the dogs and for their humans. That was discussed at the City Council meeting Tuesday night—a dog park. What do you think about that?

I was surprised to see it on the agenda. I have this inflated opinion of myself—that I know everything. So, surprise, I didn’t know anyone was even talking about a dog park in Sleepy Eye. That could be because my cat and I don’t need one. We need a cat park where she can run around and sniff bushes and chew grass and not get lost or in trouble. (I have to talk to the Park Board about that.)

Apparently, this is the way this went down(dog). Some citizens who think a dog park would be a great aminity for Sleepy Eye (and for them and their dogs) approached the Park Board and asked them to consider establishing one. We have great parks in this town and a great and progressive Park Board. So they discussed it.

City Council member Joann Schmidt is the council member on the Park Board, so she was the one who reported to the council about a dog park. She said they did some research, talked to park officials in other towns, and came up with some ideas and recommendations.

As I said, we have great parks. We also have quite a bit of park land and the Park Board decided the area west of the shelter in the Eagles Park playground would be a suitable place for a dog park. Schmidt said there are trees for shade and the park has water, so they could easily run a water line to the dog park area so dog drinking water would be available.

She also said, based on the research they did, that the best kept dog parks have citizen involvement in their development and upkeep. Simply put, if dog owners have no skin in the game, the dog park is a dirty (poopy, I guess) place. That’s why the Park Board recommends that people in Sleepy Eye who would like to see a dog park established should work together on fencing, rules and upkeep.

Dog lovers of Sleepy Eye unite! Make your park a reality. Your dog will love you for it.