River conditions too dangerous for searchers.

On June 11 the Brown County Sheriff’s Office announced it is suspending the search and recovery efforts in the Vincent Mathiowetz missing person case on the Cottonwood River south of Sleepy Eye. This is due to the amount of rain that has been recorded in the area in the past few days and expected rain in the near future. As of Monday June 11 the Cottonwood River (as reported at the New Ulm monitoring station) had risen 6.50-feet in the past four days and was currently at 12.08-feet, which is above the 11.00-foot flood stage level. The Cottonwood River is expected to remain above the 11.00-foot flood stage level for the next four days and then is expected to drop slightly over the next couple of days.

The river is currently running very fast and the current remains strong with boat navigation nearly impossible. The Brown County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor river levels daily and resume the search and recovery efforts when the Cottonwood River has lowered and it is safe for personnel to return to the river.