Searching for Vince.

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to not know where a family member is? You see stories on the news of families waiting for news, hoping for miracles. What is it like to be that family?

Vince Mathiowetz is my husband’s uncle, my mother-in-law’s brother. His immediate family is anxiously waiting for what will likely not be a miracle. The circle of family, in-laws, cousins, nieces and nephews—they are all wondering when news will come. They are all worried about Pat and the boys. They are all worried about Vince.

Over the years, as kids grew up and had kids of their own, large family gatherings became few and far between. But my daughters, and their similar-age cousins, have memories of many Thanksgivings on the Mathiowetz farm—Vince’s parents place, his childhood home—a time to play with second cousins and learn about family.

Families aren’t always close-knit. Sometimes life and experiences get in the way. But you can’t take away those family ties. You don’t forget fun times in the old days. You continue to enjoy visits, even if they don’t happen as often.

So, do I know what it is like to wait for news of a family member who is missing? 

Only a little. I want the searchers to find Vince. I don’t expect good news at this point. When you are a bit removed, but still family, it is difficult to know what to say, know what you can do to help. It is difficult to fathom what the closest family members are thinking and feeling.

Remember to show your care and love for family members. Bad things happen and we can’t understand. We can love and accept.

Thank you to everyone who is searching for Vince and thank you to everyone who is showing such kindness and concern for his family.