City Council held a special meeting to review plans for the former liquor store space.

The City Council met on May 22 to review city hall renovation plans with architect Eric Oleson. Before Oleson could begin going over the plans for renovating the former liquor store space for a new police station, Councilor Larry Braun brought up his concerns with locating the Public Works Director and clerk in the city office—a move that was already complete. Braun felt the office should remain in the power plant. City office staff reported the move to the city office has been beneficial to work flow and to customers who now find answers to questions in one location—without climbing stairs. Councilor Dick Zinniel expressed concern about a possible need for additional space in the future.

Oleson reviewed the plan and received council approval to proceed with plans and specs for bidding, on a 3-2 vote with Braun and Zinniel voting no.