Who do you think I am working on a truce with?

That’s done — the sports page — just under the wire and we only ran out of space for a couple things.

Sorry, there is no sports schedule, but each team’s article ends with the date of their next contest. Sorry, bowling ladies, you got bumped again this week. I promise your scores, for your final three weeks, will be in the paper next week. Sorry, track team, no space for your good results in St. James Tuesday evening. Next Tuesday, May 8, the track team will have their first home meet and I’ll be there snapping photos.

I have one thing to say about taking sports photos. It’s not easy. You have to take a ton of shots and hope there are one or two that turn out nice and tell a story. (And, it doesn’t help when a strong cold wind is blowing. I hope we’re done with that.)

Now, on to another of my favorite topics: President Trump. I have a surprise for you. I have something good to say. Oh, I have plenty of bad thoughts about him, too, but because we will either disagree vehemently or completely agree, I’ll skip those today. I’ll think what I think and you think what you think and someday maybe one of us will be proved right or wrong.

I truly was afraid that President Trump was leading the world into a dangerous situation with North Korea. His tweets about “Little Rocket Man” and our “Bigger Button” didn’t seem like proper diplomacy to me. But now, who knows? Maybe there is hope.

President Trump has toned down his remarks, while still warning Kim Jong Un that he better be serious about his offers of denuclearization.

If this thing works, and it is certainly helpful that the South Korean president is also working toward peace, it is likely that President Trump could be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. If this thing works, I’d say he deserves it.