This latest snow is not my fault.

I had the fun opportunity to visit both high schools to take pictures of female athletes signing their college letters of intent this past week. It was exciting for the girls and their families and their friends. These Sleepy Eye seniors (pictured on the back page) will not only have a great experience in continuing their favorite sport while in college, these students—who display high academic achievement—will also receive top notch educations in their chosen field. Exciting times indeed!

While I was at St. Mary’s High School on Tuesday, AD Bruce Woitas approached me about the snow. Yes, he is one of the school officials who I had teased that I was secretly hoping for snow the first week of April. He had to give me a bit of a hard time, even though he realized I had rescinded the wish and apologized for it.

I just want to warn you all. Be careful what you hope or wish for. I promise I didn’t pray for snow, so don’t blame God. But, whoever/whatever is in charge of granting hopes and wishes really went overboard with my little wish for snow the first few days of April. Now I am hoping and wishing for no more snow. Please join me, and maybe we should pray about it also.

If the forecast is right, we should have nice weather going forward. I wonder how long it will take for the ball fields and golf courses to dry off enough for high school sports to start? I suppose there are a lot of farmers who are wondering how long it will take for fields to dry out enough to plant corn. And, what about the peas? Yikes, they should be half planted by now.

Add me to the list of people who were impressed by the turnout at Ron Drake’s community presentation last Wednesday night. After he spoke and showed pictures of renovation projects, he took questions. Now, you all know that people around here are reluctant to speak out in public, so there were only a few questions. But, afterwards there was a nice line of people who wanted to speak to Ron one-on-one. I found that encouraging. People really do have ideas for our downtown, they just don’t know where to start. I hope new dreams were awakened in that audience Wednesday night.

What comes next? We already have our EDA and Chamber of Commerce focusing on the issue. There are some examples of successful renovations downtown—and more in the works, plus new ideas planted in some minds.

I will continue with articles about downtown Sleepy Eye. Join me in cheering on progress.