Some driving tips from the Chief!

I would like everyone to be aware of some enforcement that is coming. We have had multiple complaints about two areas of concern from citizens. The first is the speed of vehicle entering and leaving Sleepy Eye on Highway 14 and Highway 4. Please be aware of where the speed limit changes and understand that just because you can see the sign does not mean you can drive that speed. (You would be surprised how many times we are told that when we pull a vehicle over for speeding.) You cannot accelerate to the posted speed on the sign until you are past the sign.

The biggest area we are concerned about is vehicles leaving Sleepy Eye on Highway 4 going north. I have told the officers to focus on speed along all the highway, but in particular along Highway 4 by the lake. The speed limit sign is near the mid-point of the lake, beyond the turn for St. Mary’s Street. Please keep your speed at 30 MPH until you reach the sign. This is a request to reduce speed, stop potential accidents and keep a tragedy from happening. Speeding up quarter of a mile early saves about 5 seconds. It is not worth it, please follow the posted speed limits. Officers are out running radar at random hours in various areas. Again, I have asked them to focus on this, so please be aware they are out to enforce this issue to help correct the problem.

The other area of concern is not a new one. We get complains on this every year. Students leaving school who are spinning their tires, rolling stop signs, quickly accelerating, and or creating loud exhaust noise from pickup trucks. All these activities are illegal and officers have been asked to address these issues as well. I pulled over two violators early this year, one from each school. I have explained the rules and told those violators to spread the word that this will not be tolerated in Sleepy Eye. Citations will be issued by officers if these violations are found. Please share this with your kids, so they know this is activity that is not only unsafe, but will result in a traffic ticket. Again, I have asked our officers to focus on these areas and enforce the laws if they are violated.

Spring will be here someday and I would like us to have a safe spring and summer. Please be aware, courteous and kind to each other when in a vehicle and when not.