Sleepy Eye FFA Members of the Month are McKenna Dockter, Paige Romberg, and Isaac Nelson. Officer of the Month is Parker Neid.

McKenna Dockter is a ninth grader at Sleepy Eye High School and has been in FFA for three years. She joined to get more involved in school and to meet many new people. McKenna is on the Best Informed Greenhand CDE team. She enjoys learning about FFA and is looking forward to going to state with her team in April.

McKenna’s favorite FFA activity is Timberland Camp. She wants to join the Small Animals CDE team in the future. By being in an Ag. class and FFA, McKenna has learned about leadership and that FFA is lot more than agriculture. She is proud of many awards, such as being a top fruit seller, receiving several trophies, and being a Summer All-Star.

Paige Romberg is a junior as Sleepy Eye High School. She has been in FFA for five years and joined because it looked fun and her dad was also in FFA when he was in high school. Paige is on the Milk Quality CDE Team and enjoys going to contests and competing.

Paige’s favorite FFA activity is working at the Kiddy Barn. She is looking forward to competing at state for Milk Quality. By being in FFA and Ag. classes, Paige learned how important agriculture is in our everyday lives. She is most proud of earning First Place in the Region Milk Quality Contest and her earning her Chapter Degree.

Isaac Nelson is a senior at Sleepy Eye High School. He has been in FFA for six years and joined because, “FFA is awesome!” Isaac is on the Nursery and Landscape CDE Team and likes learning about the different kinds of plants and insects.

Isaac’s favorite FFA activity is showing cows at the state fair. He is looking forward to the state and national conventions. Isaac has learned many things by being in an Ag. class and FFA, including many life skills, such as repairing small engines, arranging landscape designs, and wiring lights. He has received many awards through FFA and is most proud of his Rising Pheonix Award, getting his State Degree, and being in the top five at state for his CDE team.

Parker Neid is a senior at Sleepy Eye HighSchool and has been in FFA for six years. He joined because he saw it as a way to stay involved in agriculture. Parker realized that FFA was a way he could reach out to younger students and share his knowledge.

Parker is Chapter Treasurer. He enjoys holding the chapter’s finances and tracking the budget throughout the year. Parker in on the Ag. Mechanics CDE Team and he likes it because it involves things he enjoys doing—mechanics, welding and carpentry.

Parker’s favorite FFA activity is Farmfest. He is looking forward to state convention, where he will receive his State FFA Degree. By being in FFA and Ag. classes, Parker has learned that agriculture is more than farming, and the importance of all the careers relating to agriculture. He is proud of many awards, including placing first in the State Poultry CDE Competition and third place individual, the Silver National Poultry Award and getting his Greenhand and Chapter degrees.